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Entry fee is $25.00 per person for the 5 member team (total $125.00). The first 20 teams entered will receive a short sleeve Folsom Handcar Derby T - Shirt (5 Shirts per team, an additional $3.00 per XXL shirt must be included). All proceeds benefit the F.E.D.S. Historical Railroad Assoc., Inc. A non-profit 501c(3) organization. Quadripede racing is $10.00 per person per race. Two persons to race.


All paid entries must be at the Derby Site by May 6th. T- Shirts and team numbers will be picked up at the check in area on race day. Teams not paid by 4/3/17 will receive XL shirts for each team member. A complete set of Official rules for the Folsom Handcar Derby will be given to the team Captain upon receipt of the Team’s Entry form and fees. A schedule for the race will also be included, along with other important information, reminders, and instructions.

The Folsom Handcar Derby runs rain or shine.

Practice: MANDATORY time trials and Safety orientations must be completed before Sundays final events. Each Team must receive this Mandatory Safety and Training session on Handcar & Quadripede operations before being allowed to race in the Derby.

Pushers Contest:

Each Team’s Pusher will automatically be entered in the Folsom Handcar Derby’s "Pusher’s Contest" on Sunday at the new time of 9:00am. Pushers will compete on how far they can push an empty Handcar down the track. Additional entrants may enter the pushers contest for a $5.00 entry fee.


Awards will be presented to the winning Teams of the First and Second places of each of the Nine Divisions when at least 4 teams are entered in that division. Pusher Contest awards will be given to the top three distances in all Divisions. Pushers are allowed only one push. Pushers are placed in weight divisions for competition.


Each team is comprised of 5 members: 4 Pumpers and 1 Pusher

The Pusher pushes the Handcar into motion at the beginning of the track. The Pumpers then take over and pump the Handcar to the end of the track.

All competitors must be at least 18 years of age on practice or race days to participate.

A single competitor may be on more than one team, so long as the teams are in different divisions.


The total distance to pump the Handcar is subject to track conditions.


Timing will be done with electronic timing. All teams from each division running trial runs on Saturday will advance to the finals on Sunday.


Open: Teams will be divided into weight categories in open division. (There are multiple weight categories in the Open Division.) No more than two team members that were part of a past first place team in the last three years are allowed in this division.

Co-ed: (At least 2 persons must be women)
Women's: (All women entrants)

Masters: (All must be 40 years old or older )
Seniors: (All must be 55 years old or older)

Elite: Elite Women & Elite Masters
(Past First Place Medal winners from the Folsom Handcar Derby & other Handcar Races)

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