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Big Day of Giving 2022

Please help support all your local railroad history organizations in the Sacramento Region.   The month of May is our biggest push for fund raising for our organization.  We have the Folsom Handcar Derby Fundraiser on May 14th & 15th and Big Day of Giving on May 5th this year. Many of us have possible plans for the 5th of May and making a donation on that day may require a reminder.  This year skip the wait till May 5th and please use the early donation link HERE to make a small/medium/large donation before the May 5th BDG event. 
Thank you for all your past, current, and future donations.
Help get your local railroad history alive and kicking after the
last dull two years.
Just a minimum of $15 makes a difference. Thanks !!
https://www.bigdayofgiving.org/FOLSOM_RAILROAD_MUSEUM Give Now