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As we continue to watch the regular excursion services through the organization, our collection of large items, particularly rolling stock is growing.

The items located at our museum site are free to view. Rolling stock housed within our storage facility can be seen by appointment, or at special events.

In 1970 Southern Pacific donated to the City of Folsom a Pullman Car, Boxcar and Caboose. The Caboose is located at our museum site
on the railroad block in Historic Folsom.

Along with the Depot and Turntable, some of the items are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The FEDSHRA's own the Santa Fe passenger car that doubles as our museum office, exhibition area, library and store.

Since retirement, it had been used as a dining room at a restaurant called the ‘San Francisco Express’ located at Highway 50 and Bradshaw Road in nearby Rancho Cordova.

FEDSHRA also owns a Weyerhauser Timber Co. ‘Skagit’ Speeder No. 30 purchased in September 1998. Built around 1939 the Speeder was used to haul track materials and crew on a 26 mile logging line in Vail, Washington State.

Fully restored by our volunteers, the Speeder performs similar tasks for us, hauling materials and crew for permanent way maintenance. It is also used as our principle demonstration passenger vehicle and may be viewed by appointment.

Howard Terminal Locomotive makes it's home in Folsom on the Placerville Branch right-of-way.

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