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Do trains make you smile? Does the sound of a far off train whistle make your skin tingle? Have you been looking for a good cause? You may have found a home with us. The Railroad is staffed entirely by volunteers, and we can always use an extra hand!

We have opportunities at every level of the Railroad, from "desk jobs" to heavy field work. Are you a mechanic, welder, carpenter, or machinist? How about a painter, graphic artist, designer, or plain old "computer nerd"? Would you like to be a Ticket Agent one day a month? Or would you prefer a more regular workout on the Track Gang? We have room for everyone.

As an active volunteer with the Folsom, El Dorado & Sacramento Historical Railroad Association (FEDSHRA), you can become part of the P&SVRR Team, and work side by side with us to keep this priceless historic railroad running, improving, and moving forward!

Beware, membership does come with a warning: our members are pretty passionate about trains! Once you catch this bug, it may be hard to shake!


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