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The Folsom Railroad Museum is open!

Watch the tracks for excursion runs with the 'Skagit' or Howard Terminal Locomotive. See our excursion operators
website at for excursion dates and times.

Skagit Stop at Deer Creek BridgeView from Deer Creek BridgeFolsom tracks at Family Fitness


Dick Hulbert guided us in the initial stage of overhaul for the
PACTIV locomotive - lots of cleaning.

Thanks to Philip Rose, Ethan Doty, Mike Flaherty, and Mark Spellman for coming out and joining Dick, myself Eric Olds and getting dirty. A special thanks to Mark for coming all the way from Oakland to lend a hand! Much grit and grime was removed from inside the engine, underneath it, and on the outside.

Parts removed for transportation were re-attached, loose paint was scraped from the exterior, windows cleaned, the chain drive oiled, and removal of the cab floor was started, and, in addition, I'm including photos of similar engines to inspire us with what we have to look forward to... why not plan to come out for out next Saturday Workday on February 7th and join in on the fun?

The following photos show some of the work being done:

pactive right pactiv left
pactiv Howard pactiv loaded

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